Tuesday, October 15, 2002

From The Miami Herald
Posted on Sun, Oct. 13, 2002

Moby launches book club

Who needs Oprah, anyway? Ever the intellectual, techno/dance guru Moby has started a book club as part of his current world tour, reports Ananova.com.

The singer and musician (real name Richard Melville Hall) -- who can trace his ancestry to Moby Dick author Herman Melville -- wants fans to bring along second-hand books to swap.

''When someone finishes a book, they put it in a little box and when someone else wants a new book, they look into the box and find one,'' he said.

`` Ozzy Osbourne used to snort ants. Led Zeppelin had sex with hookers on private planes. And I start a book club. Because one can only snort so many ants and have so much sex before one starts to long for the comfort and companionship of a book.''

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