Monday, February 28, 2005

A new TV show for me and my husband!

From PW Daily for Booksellers (Monday, February 28, 2005)

Booksellers haven't had much representation on television since Ellen DeGeneres ran Buy the Book on her sitcom Ellen from 1994-98. But Fox-TV just announced that it has ordered six episodes of a new sitcom called Stacked, starring Pamela Anderson as a bookstore employee who is trying to change her life and break her habit of falling for the wrong guys. She will be joined by Christopher Lloyd, who is cast as an eccentric customer.

Anderson is not such an odd choice; as a comedienne, she shined in the tongue-in-cheek action-adventure V.I.P. for four seasons (1998-2002), and her foray into fiction writing got respectable notices (PW found "Anderson's lighter-than-air debut" possessed "an amiable charm.")

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