Wednesday, August 24, 2005

For my daughter...

Ariel became a Bat Mitzvah this past week. She did a beautiful job chanting her Haftarah, and made me, her father, her family and friends very proud.

I asked her what the highlight of the day was, and she said when I cried reading the poem I wrote for her. So I'm going to float it out here in cyberspace...

written with love by her mother
August 21, 2005

On this occasion I get to kvell
A captive audience I get to tell
How proud Ariel’s made her father and me
How much she’s loved by her friends and family.

I spent the summer of ‘92
Sweating, even while swimming in a pool
But it was worth it, come August 6th
Ariel was born, we got our wish.

She was always a sweet intelligent child
Never really misbehaved or was wild
And I’m very happy to say
Somehow she’s managed to stay that way.

She starting playing t-ball when she was four
Moved up to softball, had fun when she scored
Loves to go camping & hiking through the ‘Glades
Ariel & her dad have seen lots of nature this way

In middle school she joined the band
Picked up a bassoon and thought it sounded grand
She also has fun playing video games
And her computer keeps her busy, chatting on AIM

She practically grew up surrounded by books
Between Borders & the library no wonder she’s hooked
There are worse addictions I’m sure
Than the one she shares with me, reading books by the score.

One day Ariel came to her father and me
And said a Bat Mitzvah is what I want to be
I want to follow the same path my brother took
And study the Torah and the prayer book.

Daniel is a terrific older brother
He does good things, one after another.
Ariel notices and follows his lead
He’s not even aware that he plants these seeds.

Through the years they’ve given us so much pleasure
That it would be impossible to measure
I'm honored to speak for me & Larry today
As we share in this very special day.

The Proverbs state: “Train up a child in the way one should go.”
What we’ve sown, may you grow.
We hope that we’ve filled your head with our voices
Because ahead lies a road strewn with many difficult choices.

Be strong, be healthy, and believe in yourself
Cherish your family and friends, for they are true wealth
A life lived “Jewishly” and filled with love and happiness
This is what we wish for you - only the best.

Thanks for being our sweet Ariel
You’re smart and fun and funny as hell heck
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say my fill
We love you very much and we always will.

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