Sunday, January 10, 2010


It’s That Time of Year Again!

Register for Sleuthfest 2010. Get out of the cold and come to sunny South Florida !

This year, the theme is Lights, Camera, Write! with guests of honor Stephen J. Cannell and David Morrell. And the Forensic track is back!

Once again, we have four tracks:

Crime Scene Investigation – Our forensic track is back. We have hands-on workshops on fingerprint analysis and reading bloodspatter. Sessions include the difference between CSI the TV show and CSI the reality, realistic self defense, and medical examiners discussing their cases.

First Take – A beginners to intermediate level track on mystery and novel writing with topics such as writing dialogue, plotting your mystery, How to Get an Agent, and many more.

Hitting Your Mark – An intermediate to advanced level track on mystery and novel writing with sessions on publicity, negotiating a contract, sex, violence, and more.

Stage, Page, and Screen – A track of screenplay and script writing at all levels. Includes discussions with Hollywood agents, and sessions with Stephen J Cannell and David Morrell.

For more details on the program,

And we also have two days of agent and editor appointments where you can pitch your book to top agents and editors.

To register, go to and click on registration.

For more information, email the Sleuthfest Chair Linda Hengerer at We are looking forward to seeing you again.


Rebecca said...

Sleuthfest looks to be one of the best we've done so far. The Forensics especially look like we're going in depth and hard core. The Page to Screen track is beefing up with sessions by seasoned screenwriters and novelists. Can't wait. Only a month!

Rebecca said...

Sleuthfest looks great! Can't wait for the Forensics track and the Page to Screen looks great as well. Stephen Cannell and David Morrell telling us about their experiences, agents & editors mentoring, getting together with other professionals--I can't wait!

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