Monday, April 12, 2010


Last week I had the privilege and pleasure of attending the Florida Library Association's annual conference. I got to meet fellow library students, professors, authors and of course librarians from all over the state. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot of interesting things. Here's my top 10 list:

1. I learned about "augmented reality;" not really sure what it is? Try YouTube for some interesting videos about it - here's one for a magic card trick

2. I learned that Delray Beach librarian Brian Smith has a terrific blog about his adventures as a Florida librarian that he calls Bribrarian

3. I learned that the Orange County Library system charges for the use of their meeting rooms: $25 for two hours. They also offer more computer classes than any library I've ever seen with dedicated librarian/teachers at every branch.

4. I learned that the Jacksonville Public Library allows their patrons to reserve meeting rooms online, and to pay their fines online as well. They also have a really cool Zine collection and blog about it here.

5. I learned that there are organizations that are trying to censor libraries as to what materials they should or shouldn't have in their collections, and they do so using innocuous, innocent sounding names like "Safe Libraries". That's the difference between librarians and those who seek to stifle us; I have no qualms about sharing their website.

6. I learned that the Pasco County Library is using QR codes on their books. This allows patrons use their smart phones in the stacks. They can use the camera & an app to scan the QR code on the spine of the book, and instantly read reviews on! "Point your phone at a printed page. Take a picture. Get taken to a website. That's the power of QR codes, codes embedded in print that can link cell phones to specific websites." Read the rest here.

7. I learned that anyone can upload video along with a PowerPoint presentation or notes to iTunes.

8. I learned that anyone can register for a free account at and create and manage your own movie lists, catalog your DVD collection, get local movie info and more.

9. I learned about free video editing software called Camtasia Studio, which CNET calls a "powerhouse for creating and producing screencasts for the Web, mobile phones, and DVDs."

10. I learned that Marilyn Johnson, author of THIS BOOK IS OVERDUE, is out there telling the world that librarians are smart, feisty, independent thinkers that will fight for your right to receive quality information in whatever format is currently available. Truth told, I already knew that, but it's always great to hear it again!


Robin K. Blum said...

Stacy, thanks for sharing this info which I am inserting into my LIS-folder. I think libraries should definitely charge for rental space and find other methods of raising revenue as well, like having a shop.

Looking forward to reading your review of "This Book is Overdue".

Micah Vandegrift said...

Great Top 10 list! I was at FLA also and did a write up of my experiences over at Will be following your posts for more!

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