Friday, April 30, 2004

Librarians Say No to Occupation!
- a petition calling for an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq.

Now, with the bloody occupation of Iraq continuing, with the farce of a 'transition' to a US puppet-government with no sovereignty poised to operate under military occupation, with the occupation's brutality against the city of Fallujah among many other areas, with the death toll of Iraqis and occupying troops climbing daily, with partisan calls in the US Congress for even more troops being heard as a proposed solution to the problems created by the present 'inadequate' force of occupying troops...

We the undersigned librarians re-affirm the petition 'Librarians Say 'Stop the War Now!' and demand:

End the occupation of Iraq by the coalition armies, foreign corporations and mercenaries!

Bring the troops home! No new troops to Iraq!

Stop the violence of the doomed imperial project in Iraq!

No cultural aid to the occupation.

Librarians around the world once again voice their collective opposition to the militarism and imperialism of the US mission in Iraq. We also affirm that the Iraqi people's fate is in the hands of the Iraqi people themselves and progress ultimately must mean a peaceful, democratic solution based on the national sovereignty of Iraq. Progressive-minded librarians everywhere will support reconstruction of Iraq only if and when occupation and war end.


Librarians for Peace

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Check out the incredible new library in Seattle... click on the link then click on the picture to see lots more pictures and read all about it.

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