Monday, July 26, 2010

For the college bound...Part 1

There are lots of books out there to help prepare you for going away to college, and my daughter Ariel and I have read most of them! Ariel is an incoming freshman and a reader, so was happy to help with this project. Here are our picks for the best of the best, the books you should not miss.

Harlan Cohen heads the list with two terrific books, one geared towards students, the other towards parents - but feel free to switch with each other when you're done!

The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College by Harlan Cohen: Published in 2009, it's still new enough to cover all the stuff that matters to today's incoming freshman, from the title's what do you say to a naked roommate and other trials of dorm life to STDs to should you be Facebook friends with your parents? It's funny, easy to jump around or read in order, plus Cohen includes lots of real life stories from college students about every situation you can think of - actually, lots more than I ever would have thought of.

Cohen's newest book is The Happiest Kid on Campus: A Parent's Guide to the Very Best College Experience (for You and Your Child). In this book he speaks more to the parents, but Ariel enjoyed reading it as well. There is some overlap with the aforementioned Naked Roommate, but if you can, get both. I figure I will send the Naked Roommate off to college with Ariel so she can have it as a reference as things come up, and keep the Happiest Kid home with me. Unless she takes it with her! This book deals with things like how to stay connected with your child and how much is too much, visiting, safety issues and concerns, and even teaches tech-challenged parents about Twitter and texting. Tons of great ideas and information from parents and students who have been there and done that.

Note: that's Harlan Cohen, NOT Harlan Coben, the thriller writer. Check out his websites, too: Help Me, Harlan and The Naked Roommate Online

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