Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Anyone going to the Miami Book Fair?

I am so excited! So many authors, so little time.... Gail Tsukiyama, Kristin Gore, Dave Barry (of course) Chris Mathews (is he really that loud in person?) Ralph Nader (is he running again??) Richard Russo, MJ Rose, Greg Iles, Vince Flynn, Tim Dorsey, Jim Born, Jeffrey Toobin, Jeff Lindsay, Scott Turow, the list goes on and on and on and on and so do I....

So who's going?

Miami Book Fair


I received this note from MJ Rose and thought I should share...

Dear Authors, Agents & Publishers,

Happy Fall! It's that time of year to announce that registration is
open for the 2008 one time only Buzz your Book class. January 7th to
February 8th, 2008. All online and in email plus a one hour consultation.

"The best thing I did on behalf of my novel was take M.J. Rose's Buzz
Your Book class. She's sheer genius. It's hard for me to imagine
having done it without her."
--Joshua Henkin, MATRIMONY (Pantheon Oct 2007)

This isn't a theoretical course. I work individually with each student
on his/her marketing plan. Over the six weeks, you’ll learn how to
write a buzz line, figure out who your market is and unique ways to reach
them. Plus we're once again featuring guest instructor Matt Baldacci,
St. Martin's Press Marketing Director.

M.J.'s Buzz Your Book class is an imperative for promoting a book in
today's marketplace.
--Jennie Shortridge Eating Heaven (NAL/Penguin, Sept. 2005).

This class is open to authors who want to augment their publisher's
marketing efforts with grassroots marketing and publicists or marketing
folks who want to brainstorm some unique solutions for special books.

Class size is limited so sign up soon at:

"I thought I knew a lot about online marketing before I enrolled in the
Buzz Your Book class. I was wrong: I've learned so much and come away
with a notebook full of creative, practical, and useful ideas and
action items that are now a core part of the online publicity campaign for
my book. This class is a real gem of a resource.
-- Natasha Kogan, The Daring Female's Guide to Ecstatic Living
(Hyperion, 2006)

And for all your other marketing needs, please write me at to reserve spots in AuthorBuzz, BookClubbing, set
up BlogAd Campaigns or talk to me about radio and TV campaigns we're
now offering. We usually sell out three months in advance and are booking
late January and February books and onward right now.


M.J. Rose
AuthorBuzz (
Buzz, Balls & Hype (

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