Thursday, January 26, 2006

More on a Million Little Lies...

from PW Daily

Doubleday/Anchor to Reissue AMLP With Notes

After James Frey's painful trip to Oprah's couch this afternoon—the author sat through a live taping of the talk show with a stunned look as journalists and Oprah skewered him for fictionalizing key elements of his memoir A Million Little Pieces—Doubleday/Anchor, announced it will be adding both a publisher's note and author's note to all future editions of the book.

Frey's hardcover publisher Nan Talese, who appeared alongside the author on the Oprah broadcast, made mention of the changes on-air. In its statement, Doubleday/Anchor noted that while it initially stood by Frey, after further questioning of the author, the house has "sadly come to the realization that a number of facts have been altered and incidents embellished." Doubleday/Anchor apologized to the public "for any unintentional confusion surrounding the publication" of Pieces.

The company said that no new copies of the book will be shipped and it will not go back to press for new editions without the two notes. The notes will also be posted on as well as mailed to booksellers to insert in existing copies. Books with the update could be headed to bookstores by next month. —Rachel Deahl

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