Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oprah has just announced her second book club selection of 2007: The Road by Cormac McCarthy


bhadd said...

Which is an awesome thing. The front page of the Chicago Tribune carried the story, of course she's big here. I thought it was interesting in the NYTimes article the publicists were careful to emphasize her asking him onto the show, as though he were a cultural relic being approached by the chamber maid.

The Hood Company

Anonymous said...

well, i must admit i am intrigued...and though Oprah has never shied away from the darker subjects...i had a doozie of a time writing this up for the oldsters in my service of providing books to the homebound.
how does one convey the general themes: hope in the face of hopelessness, the ephemeral nature of our existence, the vanishing worlds we all carry within us...and offer a gentle warning about the realities like cannibalism these characters will encounter.
i think i'm going to read this one.

BookBitch said...

Frankly, I would say it's more like one cultural icon being approached by another.

BookBitch said...

Jen, it sounds like you nailed it perfectly, as always. Those oldsters are so lucky to have you!

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