Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Author Bingo - this one's for the fans...

So you registered early, booked your hotel, spent hours perusing the schedule to make the most of every minute, but perhaps you're still do I cross that divide? You know, the one between the authors up there on the panels, and the fans back there in the audience. Us and them. What excuse can you use to mosey on up to your favorite authors?

ThrillerFest Chair M. Diane Vogt told me, “One of the most consistent themes we heard from evaluations of ThrillerFest 2006 was how much people enjoyed the atmosphere of intimacy we created and how accessible the authors were to the fans. To capitalize on this unique feature and enhance the experience this year, we’ve created ITW Author Bingo.”

The game is a version of Bingo (the most popular game in the world), but the cards consist of questions and answers of various little-known facts about attending authors. The answers can only be found by actually asking the authors during the span of ThrillerFest. The game will begin when you pick up your Bingo cards at the registration desk and will culminate at the ThrillerMaster Auction on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. when James Patterson will draw the lucky winner.

Someone at ThrillerFest obviously gave this a lot of thought. Some of us are shy - that goes for the writers as well as the readers. Some of us may be afraid we won't know what to say when we are finally face to face with the person we really came here hoping to meet. Hint: gushing about an author’s books is always a good choice! But if you're not a gusher, what can you do?

Elizabeth Reinhardt, ThrillerFest’s Conference Coordinator, prepared this terrific icebreaker and has all the inside info on how to play - and what you can win!

BookBitch: So I hear we are going to be playing bingo at ThrillerFest. Should I steal granny's bingo markers?
Elizabeth Reinhardt: It's going to be lots of fun, and you won't need to upset granny for this one.

BB: Who gets to play?
Liz: Anyone attending ThrillerFest.

BB: How do you play? What do you have to do?
Liz: We have been doing a little detective work, and I think we have come up with some of the most interesting little-known-facts about our ThrillerFest authors. These will be distributed between ten different Bingo cards, and the only way to fill the square is with the correct answer - that's when the attendees will get the chance to be detectives. They will be given plenty of chances to interact with the authors, ask questions, gather answers, and create Bingos.

BB: That sounds pretty easy. So the big question is, how do you win?
Liz: Create as many correct Bingos as possible! On Saturday afternoon, we will have a spotlight interview with James Patterson. At the end, we will place all of the correct Bingo cards on the stage and Mr. Patterson will draw two winners.

BB: What are the prizes?
Liz: One winner will receive an entire collection of signed Alex Cross books and will have their photo taken with ThrillerMaster 2007 James Patterson, and the other winner will be given a free registration for ThrillerFest 2008!

BB: Anything else I need to know?
Liz: The name of the game is have fun and meet as many ITW authors as possible!

Sounds like a plan. Thanks, Liz!

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That sounds like a lot of fun!

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