Friday, July 13, 2007

Hello from ThrillerFest!

Arrived in NYC Wednesday morning to the (hopefully) last day of the heatwave. The Grand Hyatt is gorgeous although my room is smallish. I ran into J.T. Ellison who told me that her room wasn't ready until 6 pm and they upgraded her to a very large room - sounds like it was worth the wait.

Thursday was CraftFest and I'm still gathering information about that event. Geared towards writers, so far I've heard some really great stuff about Tess Gerritsen & Jim Rollins workshops being super helpful in addition to being super entertaining. One new author with her first book out said that Tess was obviously very well prepared and organized, and the attendees really appreciated it as their pens flew (and some fingers flying too, on laptops)as people scrambled to take notes.

I'm on the laptop and having a hell of a time typing so more later...

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