Friday, September 28, 2007

The first serial audio thriller... from ITW and

ITW and Audible are proud to announce the launch of the first-ever serial audio thriller... a collaboration between 15 distinguished international thriller writers who came together to create a single audiobook with each author contributing a chapter to the ongoing story.

With Jeffery Deaver opening and closing the story, and an author list that includes Lee Child, Lisa Scottoline, Joseph Finder, David Hewson, S. J. Rozan, and P. J. Parrish, The Chopin Manuscript is a unique venture that combines the cutting edge of downloadable audio book technology with the skills of some of the world's finest thriller authors working under the editorship of Jim Fusilli, who also contributes a chapter.

You can read more on our special mini-site here. And to go straight to The Chopin Manuscript home page on Audible, where you can listen to the first chapter for free and find videos of some of the authors taking part, and more background material, go here.

To read what some of those who took part think, among them Jeffery Deaver and editor/contributor Jim Fusilli, visit our new interview section here.

The Chopin Manuscript is voiced by the award-winning actor Alfred Molina and tells the tale of former war crimes investigator Harold Middleton who possesses a priceless, previously-unknown manuscript by Frederic Chopin. Within the notes of this work, which was originally found and hidden by the Nazis during World War II, lies a secret that has left death in its wake – and could kill tens of thousands more.

It is being delivered serially. Readers will receive a new installment of 2-3 chapters every Tuesday, beginning September 25th. Those who purchase the book after October 2nd will receive all the previous chapters, then get new chapters the following Tuesdays. The final, thrilling installment will be delivered on Tuesday, November 13th.

The authors:

Jeffery Deaver: Chapters 1 (September 25th), 16 and 17 (November 13th) – New York Times bestselling author of The Cold Moon.

David Hewson: Chapter 2 (September 25th) – Author of The Seventh Sacrament.

James Grady: Chapter 3 (September 25th) – Author of Three Days of the Condor.

S.J. Rozan: Chapter 4 (October 2nd) – Award-winning author of the Bill Smith/Lydia Chin series.

Erica Spindler: Chapter 5 (October 2nd) – Her new book, Last Known Victim, will hit stores in October.

John Ramsey Miller: Chapter 6 (October 9th) – Author of Too Far Gone.

David Corbett: Chapter 7 (October 9th) – Author of Blood of Paradise.

John Gilstrap: Chapter 8 (October 16th) – Author of Scott Free and Nathan’s Run.

Joseph Finder: Chapter 9 (October 16th) – New York Times bestselling author of Paranoia, Killer Instinct and Power Play.

Jim Fusilli: Chapter 10 (October 23rd) – Serial Thriller project editor and author of the Terry Orr series.

Peter Spiegelman: Chapter 11 (October 23rd) – Author of John March series.

Ralph Pezullo: Chapter 12 (October 30th) – Author of fiction works such as Eve Missing and nonfiction works such as Jawbreaker.

Lisa Scottoline: Chapter 13 (October 30th) – New York Times bestselling author of Dirty Blonde and Daddy’s Girl.

P.J. Parrish: Chapter 14 (November 6th) – Author of An Unquiet Grave. Pseudonym of sisters Kristy Montee and Kelly Nichols.

Lee Child: Chapter 15 (November 6th) – New York Times bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series.

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