Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Burn Zone

I adore Jim Born, and his books are pretty terrific too! So I was thrilled to get hold of his latest, BURN ZONE. Here's all the info...

Burn Zone
A new thriller by Real Life Cop James O. Born
Coming from Putnam Feb 2008

It was supposed to be a low-level bust for ATF agent Alex Duarte, with the hope that he could work it up the ladder to someone important. He just didn’t know how important. In New Orleans to check out a mysterious Panamanian named Ortiz who likes to trade guns illegally and import marijuana by the truckload, Duarte suddenly finds himself in the middle of something bigger than he has ever known. Because guns and drugs are bad enough – but there are other things that are much, much worse.
A shadowy colonel who is not what he seems…a white supremacist intent on becoming “the man who changed America”…an attractive FBI agent with a lot of pull and a lot of secrets…Duarte knows he’s in deep with these characters. He just hopes it’s not over his head.

“Field of Fire jumps Born into the ranks of the major thriller writers,” says W.E.B. Griffin. Burn Zone confirms it.

More information and schedule is posted at: WWW.JAMESOBORN.COM

James O. Born is the Gold Medal winner of the inaugural Florida Book Award for Escape Clause.

Remarkable praise for James O. Born’s novels:

"Field Of Fire is a whiz-bang, nonstop thriller, told with the voice of absolute authority. Jim Born never lets the action flag!"
-- Tess Gerritsen.

“Field of Fire is impossible to put down.” Mystery Scene Magazine.

"Jim Born raises the bar for the police procedural thriller."--Joseph Wambaugh.

“Jim Born is the real thing: a South Florida lawman with an authentic sound that puts
you at the scene. Walking Money is a winner.” -Elmore Leonard

“Top thrill-work . . .”- Kirkus Review, 3/05

“Putting 17 years of service with various law enforcement agencies to excellent use,
Born delivers a riveting, serpentine tale. . . . This is a terrific debut” - Publisher’s Weekly

Public speaking and media contact information: speakingjamesborn@comcast.net
Agent: Meg Ruley (212) 593-4330 mruley@janerotrosen.com
Publicist: Yamil Anglada (212) 366-2574, G.P. Putnam’s Sons Yamil.Anglada@us.penguingroup.com

Here is the tour schedule - Jim is a great speaker, funny and entertaining and interesting, all the good stuff. Go see him, buy a book, and have fun!

2/15– Murder on the Beach, Delray Beach 7 PM
2/16 – Circle Books, Sarasota, 1 PM
2/16 – Haslam’s Books, St Petersburg 4:30 PM
2/17 – Barnes & Nobles, Ft. Myers 1 PM
2/17 – Borders, Naples 4 PM
2/19 – Books & Books, Coral Gables 8 PM
2/20 – Borders, Boca Raton 7 PM
2/22 – South Carolina Book Festival 3 days
2/25 – Coffee Buy the Book, Roswell, GA 7:00
2/26 – Bayou Books/ Library, Niceville, FL 6:00
2/27 – Citrus County Library, Beverly Hills, FL
2/27 – The Muse, Deland, 6 PM
3/1 – Sleuthfest, Ft Lauderdale TBA
3/5 – Vero Beach Book Center, Vero Beach 7
3/8 – Low Country Writers, Charleston S.C.
3/8 – Barnes & Nobles, Charleston, SC 7PM
3/12 – SW Florida Museum fundraiser Evening
3/14 – SW Florida Book Festival TBA
3/18 –Barnes & Noble, Wellington 7PM
3/19 – Barnes & Noble, Plantation 7 PM
3/22 – Hooked on Books, Islamorada 3 PM
3/26 – Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale, AZ 7 PM
3/27 – Murder By The Book, Houston, TX
3/28 – Virginia Festival of Books, 4 PM
4/4 – Vero Beach Literacy Foundation
4/5 – Naples Press Club conference
4/22 – Florida Library Association

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