Thursday, April 17, 2008

Claire Cook Book Group Giveaway!

Got this email from Claire and thought I'd pass it along...

My oh-so-generous publisher, Voice, has agreed to give advance copies
of my upcoming novel Summer Blowout (up to 20 copies) to one lucky book
club! The winning book club will also get a Summer Blowout phone chat
with the author – that’s me!

All you have to do is send an email with SUMMER BLOWOUT BOOK CLUB CONTEST in the subject line to including:

Name of book club
Zip code of book club
Name and email address of book club leader
Names and email addresses of all book club members
Why Voice should pick YOUR book club. (Did your group just read
something seriously depressing and you could really use a good laugh? Has your
club read all my other books, and you’re just counting the days till
Summer Blowout comes out in June? Do you simply need a good reason to
get a new summer hairdo? Come on, have some fun, so I can post some of
your comments on my website!)

HURRY -- the deadline for entries is April 30!

Don't have a book club yet? Well, it just might be the perfect time to
start one! And thanks so much for forwarding this email to your friends
and family who already belong to book clubs.

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