Friday, June 13, 2008

ASSISTED LOVING: True Tales of Double Dating with My Dad

This weekend is Father's Day. Bob Morris helped his widowed father meet some funny and fiesty seniors, all of which he recounts in his hysterical and moving memoir, ASSISTED LOVING: True Tales of Double Dating with My Dad.

In ASSISTED LOVING, Bob Morris, a frequent contributor to the New York Times Sunday Styles section, where his "Age of Dissonance" column ran for eight years, shares the story of how he spent the last few years of his father's life bonding with him through their unusual dual search for love.

A few months after the death of his mother, Bob's father, an affable, eccentric, bridge-obsessed octogenarian, asked his son to help him on his quest for a new girlfriend. A reluctant Bob ended up getting closer to his father than he had ever been by trolling the personals, screening prospects, and chaperoning his needy father throughout his quest. It's a truly touching story about a father and a son who come to love each other by learning about each other.

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