Monday, January 12, 2009

More people are reading

A new report from the National Endowment for the Arts in the New York Times today shows that for the first time in 25 years, more people are reading fiction. They are attributing this to their program, the national Big Read, and to Oprah's book club, the popularity of the Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling) and Twilight (Stephenie Meyer) books. I wonder if it is because more people are looking to escape from reality. Whatever the reason, I am happy to hear it.

Read the article here.


Vickie said...

Whatever the cause, thank goodness they are reading more.
I read to escape reality. And I always learn something no matter what I am reading.

Brenda Lou said...

I can't imagine NOT reading. When people tell me they don't read, I look at them like they're from another planet...LOL

BookBitch said...

I agree with both of you!

Vickie said...

BrendaLou: I am the same way! I'm not sure I trust people (if that's what they really are....) who don't read.
I've been reading since I was three and I can't think of a time when I didn't have a book handy somewhere. It's like needing air to live.

Sydney said...

Me too... and I think a fair portion may indeed be looking to escape reality. But better this than drugs, lol.

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