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Hi Bookbitch fans and readers. I am Kristin Callender, author of The Truth Lies in the Dark. Thank you for joining me on my Book Blog Tour, and thank you Stacy for having me as a guest on your blog.

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The Truth Lies in the Dark is a mystery about a woman who finds out she had been raised with a dead girl's identity. Who is Amanda and who will stop at nothing to make sure she never finds out? As dark secrets from her past are exposed, so are the connections to the very people she loved and trusted; including her loving husband. Nothing is what it seems and everything is at stake.

During this Book Blog Tour I have discussed different parts of my writing process, characterization, publishing and marketing journey. Today I want to talk about how the main character, Amanda Martineau used public libraries as a resource in her journey for the truth.

Amanda, devastated by the loss of both of her grandparents and desperate to get her and Nick's life back on track, joins him on a business trip that takes them from Connecticut to San Bernardino, California. Nick's long hours working and an unfinished letter left by her grandfather push her to find answers to the many questions surfacing about herself. Where does she begin? At the library, of course.

Amanda goes to the public library in San Bernardino to look for clues to her past. All she knows is that she lost her memory after surviving a plane crash that claimed her parents in Nevada. Her grandparents then moved her across the country to start a new life, but reoccurring nightmares of an unknown girl were haunting reminders of the one she had forgotten. Her grandfather leaves her a letter that seems to confirm her worst fears and doubts; that she is not who she thinks.

Amanda is sure that the truth is locked in her own mind and goes to the library to look up her parents in an effort to remember and reconnect with them. Her search leads her to the same articles that she had been shown by her grandparents, with one exception. Amanda finds that a familiar article had a picture attached; one that she had never seen before. The following is a brief excerpt of this.

"...Her heart began to race as she read the caption underneath, which simply stated: Gregory and Charlotte Morgan with their daughter Helen Morgan. (she goes by her middle name Amanda) Although the picture was black and white and a little grainy on the computer screen Amanda could not see any resemblance between this girl and herself. Her grandparents had said that her features were changed by the accident, but this dramatically seemed impossible. Besides the difference in facial features; which could have been altered, this young girl had unmistakably dark hair..."

Later in the story, feeling she has hit another insurmountable wall, Amanda finds herself in front of another library, this time in Henderson, Nevada. With the librarians help she gets closer to the truth, but inadvertently exposes herself to the one person who has the most to loose if she continues.

I would imagine that Amanda's process of research is similar to those interested in genealogy. I would love to know how many people don't know anything about their roots past their parents or grandparents. It has sparked an interest in my own family's history. I plan on heading to the library for my own research. Maybe that will find its way into a future book, hopefully I won't uncover anything like Amanda :)

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by. If you would like more information about me, the book, or the tour you can go to my website:

Thank you for your interest,

Kristin Callender

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