Thursday, May 28, 2009


In case you missed Janice Lieberman on THE TODAY SHOW talking about her new book, HOW TO SHOP FOR A HUSBAND, you can see it here:

"After years of dating misery, I finally took matters in hand. After all, this was the most important shopping trip of my life, wasn't it? And shopping was certainly a topic I knew a lot about. So I decided to approach dating in a smart, systematic way, as if I were making the purchase of a lifetime. Slowly but surely, and almost before I even realized it, I began to apply the rules I had learned as a consumer reporter - caveat emptor, don't get scammed, learn where to shop, and know how to close a favorable deal - to shopping for a husband."

Now is the time to learn… HOW TO SHOP FOR A HUSBAND
By Janice Lieberman with Bonnie Teller

Janice Lieberman, the "Today Show" Consumer Smarts correspondent, brings her shopping expertise and her personal knowledge of the dating marketplace together to tell you how to shop for the most important "purchase" of your life - your spouse. In HOW TO SHOP FOR A HUSBAND (St. Martin's Press; May 12, 2009; $22.95) Janice uses shopping principles to formulate rules that will help women select a spouse and "close the deal".

And Janice really knows what she's talking about - the tips she shares in HOW TO SHOP FOR A HUSBAND are the same ones she implemented in meeting and eventually marrying her own husband!

This savvy shopper's guide provides a shopping list all women can use in their hunt for the ultimate bargain - highlights potential pitfalls and outlining the ever important Rules of the dating (and marriage) game.

Rules such as:
#5) Let Him Think He's Doing the Shopping
#9) Sorry, but…You May Need to Repackage (Yourself, That Is!)
#10) Know a Guy's History - Is He a Marrier or a Player or, Worst of All, Both?

And personal shopping tips like:
" Get online, now! It's all in the numbers. The internet is a man-shopping mecca, so learn how to master it and you will in-deed be a dating diva.
" Forget the old adage that opposites attract and look for common ground. If you find it, you'll be enjoying your purchase for years to come!
Lieberman opens women's eyes in HOW TO SHOP FOR A HUSBAND to demonstrate how they typically shop for the wrong things in a mate (forget about what his shoes look like, and try to figure out the content of his character) and sabotage their own happiness with a long "must-have" list instead of seeing the value of the men who are right in front of them.

It's time to go shopping!

Janice Lieberman has been the featured Consumer Smarts correspondent on NBC's "Today Show" for ten years and was previously the consumer correspondent on "Good Morning America". Lieberman also anchored "Steals and Deals", which appeared nightly on CNBC. She is also the author of Tricks of the Trade: A Consumer Survival Guide with Jason Raff. Janice is a contributing editor to Reader's Digest for their "Here's the Deal" column. Janice currently lives in New Jersey with her husband - who she shopped very, very, wisely for.

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