Friday, December 11, 2009

Barnes & Noble Best books of 2009

The Best Books of 2009: Editors' Picks

Not only haven't I read any of their top fiction picks, I haven't heard of most of them. What is going on in the book business? Are obscure books better than popular ones? Really??


Unknown said...

I know what you mean - when I do "best fiction of the year" for our library patrons I rarely use any of these highbrow lists - our patrons want a good book they can enjoy, well plotted, well written, enjoyable characters, ect., not something they would have to slog through in a Lit Crit class...
I really enjoyed it when you did your own lists, such as your best myseries a couple of years ago - I found some really interesting authors there, such as Chelsea Cain, whom I have recommended to many.

BookBitch said...

Not to worry, the BookBitch list is coming! I will be posting my own choices, as well as those of a few of my reviewers. Happy Holidays!

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