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What a treat to be able to dish with a fellow ‘bitch’.

Our new book, Bitches on a Budget, was conceived two years ago over a cup of coffee and a discussion about women, money, lifestyle and values. Not only were we lamenting the Paris Hilton’izing of American values—status symbols as markers of identity over substance, we also felt the underpinnings of the mortgage and financial markets were shaky. In short, we believed we were headed into bad times (if only we had sold our stocks then!).

Our philosophy? Life is short and should be lived with humor, joy and pleasure. Beautiful things should be admired and yes, even lusted after, but you just can’t (even if you could afford to) consume everything in your path. After all, nothing is less attractive than a bloated bitch. So we set to work to write a book about living well, in good times and bad times. A book that’s fun to read, sometimes bawdy, often ironic, but is in fact chock full of serious advice about everything from shopping (how the markdown cycle works and when to pounce) to exercise (remember when it was called play?) to wheels (lease vs. buy, used vs. new, what’s the difference between road bikes, racers, recumbents?) to travel (best sites for tickets, how to score killer hotel rooms at bargain prices) to home décor (it’s all a matter of perspective) to pets (pamper the bitch). We think it’s one of the only books on the market that covers such a wide variety of lifestyle topics.

To give you a feel for the book we’d like to share a short section from the introduction:

"Budget is Not a Dirty Word
Fiscal responsibility is like monogamy… if you think it’s boring, you’re doing it wrong. Since when has budget been a dirty word? After all, we’re not talking chastity belts, abstinence rings, knee-jerk denial. Think of budget as just another way to say edit. The key to good living is in using your limited resources wisely-- we’ll show you how to hitch your mind to that little lust engine that’s driving you. The end result? You’ll make smarter shopping decisions. Bargain buys will replace designer labels as your new badge of honor. Besides, since you want to be a good green citizen of the world, it’s time to stop consuming everything in your path.

Be a Bitch, Bitch
Bitch isn’t a bad word, either. We’re proud to be modern women. Women who know what we want and aren’t afraid to get it; women with the sense to edit the good from the bad; women who choose to live with style and with conscience. Independent women who say what they think, are in touch with our femininity, and know how to enjoy our pleasures. Hell we make less than men do by the hour, work harder and produce more value (just think about it, can they have babies?) It’s time to stand proud, Bitch. “

You can

Roz’s favorite invitation only home décor website, One Kings Lane, is offering up an electronic $50 gift card to one lucky reader. One Kings Lane curates private, flash sales events on designer home décor, accessories and gifting wares of brands like Ankasa, Archipelago, John Robshaw and Kate Spade.

To win your own copy of BITCHES ON A BUDGET: Sage Advice for Surviving Tough Times in Style plus the gift card, please send an email to with "BITCHES ON A BUDGET" as the subject. You must include your snail mail address in your email. All entries must be received by January 10, 2009. One name will be drawn from all qualified entries and notified via email. The winner will receive a free copy of BITCHES ON A BUDGET by Rosalyn Hoffman, courtesy of NAL Trade Paperbacks, and the $50 e-card to One Kings Lane. This contest is open to all adults over 18 years of age in the United States. One entry per email address, please. Your email address will not be shared or sold to anyone. All entries, including names, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses, will be purged after winners are notified.

Rosalyn Hoffman is a former buyer for Bonwit Teller, Filene’s, and Lord & Taylor in New York City. She was also a marketing executive for Avon and Lillian Vernon. She speaks Chinese and has traveled extensively in China. In addition to being a serious cook and wine collector, she has lived and studied cooking in France and has traveled the world cataloging changing markets. Aside from food and cooking, her other passion is design and architecture. She has worked with award-winning architects in the building and design of several modern homes that have garnered awards and international recognition.

Roz is a contributor to The Huffington Post. Look for her posts on The Daily Beast where she is a Buzz Board Insider. Her work has appeared on More Magazine online, Divine Caroline and This Magnificent Life. Bitches on a Budget has been featured on the JWT Anxiety Index, a measure of significant cultural movements, and its television rights have been optioned by Sharp Entertainment.

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