Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Are Cordially Invited . . .To Be Married Happily Ever After

Another contest from Elaine Viets, in honor of her next book, “Half-Price Homicide,” the ninth Dead-End Job mystery!

You Are Cordially Invited . . .
To Be Married Happily Ever After

Need a minister for your wedding?

Can’t find the right person to marry you on the happiest day of your life? Then you’re invited to enter the Elaine Viets Happily Ever After contest.

I’d be honored to marry the winning couple.

Besides being a bestselling mystery author, I am also an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. I will marry a couple anywhere within the continental United States to celebrate a very special literary occasion: The publication of “Half-Price Homicide,” my ninth Dead-End Job mystery.

After nine books and many adventures, Helen and Phil begin their new life together in this novel. They have a romantic beach wedding. Helen and Phil are married by a minister in Universal Life Church. This wedding starts a new chapter for both of them.

Let me help you start your new life together. Whether you and your beloved want a romantic wedding by the sea, a mountain meadow, a luxurious garden, a grand hotel or a private home, I’ll be honored to marry you. Because true love defies labels, I will marry either a traditional bride and groom or a same-sex couple.

Helen and Phil plan to live happily ever after. I invite you to do the same.

RSVP your entry to Elaine Viets’ Happily Ever After contest:


(1) Your names

(2) The proposed date and time of your wedding


Time: _______ AM _________PM

(3) The location

Name or type of place (private home, park, hotel)
Street address, State and ZIP

Entries must be emailed by midnight, June 1, to eviets@aol.com.

The winning couple will be chosen by the Elaine Viets advertising team.

PLEASE NOTE: We will have to work out a mutually agreeable date if I have a previously scheduled event.

I will travel to your wedding at my expense within the continental USA. I have been a minister in good standing with the Universal Life Church since 1976 and have my certificate.

The engaged couple or their representatives agree to provide lodgings for me, as well as meals, transportation to and from the airport and the ceremony, if needed.
My hotel room must be booked in advance of the wedding, if the wedding takes place outside the Fort Lauderdale area.

The couple must be of legal age to marry and either single or divorced. If one or both parties are divorced, you will be asked to produce your divorce decree(s) and all necessary identification.

Both parties must mutually consent to Elaine Viets as their minister.

Same sex weddings are legal only in the states that permit them, but I will still perform the ceremony.

I am authorized to marry in all 50 states and US territories, but the laws vary by state. Some states ask for my minister’s certificate or a letter from the Universal Life Church. Other states require me to register with their Secretary of State. I may need time to fulfill these requirements.

Both parties must be legal or naturalized citizens of the United States.
The winning couple may write their own vows.

This contest ends June 1, 2010.
Half-Price Homicide, Elaine Viets’ ninth Dead-End Job Mystery

Secondhand clothes. First-degree murder.

Angelina Jolie. Glenn Close. Kate Winslet.

Helen Hawthorne sells the most wanted bargains at Snapdragon’s Second Thoughts. The Fort Lauderdale consignment shop has designer duds to die for – literally. The customers who bring in their barely worn fashions hide behind Hollywood monikers so no one discovers their fashion secrets. They want the money for reselling their clothes, but not the notoriety.

Helen has wants of her own. Tired of living life on the lam, she wants to go home to St. Louis to clear her name. She wants to help her mother in a Florida nursing home.

The men in her life have their own wants. Helen’s greedy ex-husband wants more money. The man she loves wants to get married.

You’ll want “Half-Price Homicide,” Helen Hawthorne’s ninth Dead-End Job mystery.

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Maryannwrites said...

What a clever promotional idea. If I knew someone ready to take that marital plunge, I would send them over to enter the contest.

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