Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Books like 50 SHADES OF GREY

No, there probably aren't any books exactly like the E.L. James runaway bestselling trilogy; even the Twilight books they were culled from are different. My library has almost 2700 people waiting for a copy, and the lucky ones that have already read the trilogy are now panting for more. So I trolled the internet, quizzed knowledgeable romance readers and have come up with a surprisingly lengthy list:


Debra Anastasia, Poughkeepsie
Gillian Archer, Wicked Weekend
Shayla Black, Wicked Ties
Samantha Blair, Generational Sins
Louisa Burton, Bound in Moonlight 
Anne Calhoun, Liberating Lucy
Opal Carew, Secret Ties
Mari Carr, Shugar and Spice
Victoria Dahl, The Wicked West
Tymber Dalton, The Reluctant Dom
Cameron Dane, Something New
Lauren Dane, Second Chances
Barbara Elsborg, An Ordinary Girl
Lori Foster, Too Much Temptation
Vonna Harper, Surrender
Megan Hart, Broken
Megan Hart, Switch
Jasmine Haynes, The Principal’s Office
Joey W. Hill, Ice Queen
Joey W. Hill, Mirror of My Soul
Joey W. Hill, Natural Law
Emma Holly, Top of Her Game
Beth Kery, Explosive
Lora Leigh, Surrender to Fire
Annabel Joseph, Mercy
 Laura Kaye, Hearts in Darkness
Inez Kelley, Sweet as Sin
Cherrie Lynn, Rock Me
Sarah McCarty, Promises Linger
Cheyenne McCray
Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
Mackenzie McKade, A Tall, Dark, Cowboy
Cara McKenna, Curio
Cara McKenna, Willing Victim
Elizabeth McNeill, Nine and Half Weeks
Susanna Moore, In the Cut
Kate Pearce, Raw Desires
Cari Quinn, Provoke Me
Sylvain Reynard, Gabriel’s Inferno
Robin Schone, The Lady’s Tutor
Cherise Sinclair, Make Me, Sir
Cherise Sinclair, Masters of the Shadowlands series
Z Stefani, Insufferable Proximity
Molly Weatherfield, Carrie’s Story
Molly Weatherfield, Safe Word
Tracy Wolff, Tie Me Down
Susan Wright, To Serve and Submit
KC Youngblood, Lethal Choices


Harlequin Presents – Caitlin Crews;Lynn Graham; Jane Porter; Carol Marinelli; Sarah Morgan
Maya Banks, Sweet series
Shayla Black, The Wicked Lovers Series 
Selena Blake, Stormy Weather series
Jaci Burton, Wild Riders series  & Play-by-Play series
Lora Leigh, Pleasure books (Dangerous Pleasure, Only Pleasure, Guilty Pleasure, Shameless Embraces)
Megan Hart, Broken; Dirty; Stranger 
Kathryn Harvey, Butterfly trilogy
Morgan Hawkes, Star series
Ann Jacobs, Heart of the West series 
Lorelei James
Kele Moon, Eden series
Lisa Marie Rice, Protectors Series
A.N. Roqueluare,  Sleeping Beauty trilogy


July, 2012 Harlequin will release The Siren, the first book in Tiffany Reisz’s trilogy of BDSM novels, a direct comparison to 50 Shades

RT Book Reviews created their own list, RT’s Fifty Red Hot Reads

Bared to You by Sylvia Day


Karen K. said...

2700 people!! Wow! In San Antonio we have almost 700 people waiting for the first book in the series, the print copies. I'm not sure how many are waiting for the e-book version.

BookBitch said...

Karen, the holds list got so crazy because we were taking reserves for a while before we actually got the books. Now that we have a few hundred copies, the list is down a bit, but not much. The e-book has over 800 reserves on it as well.

Anonymous said...

There is also dantes inferno series

Anonymous said...

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