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A decades-old murder, a strange superstition, an enormous snake, and one giant secret are about to rock the beautiful Belle Vue to its core.
It is a time of great upheaval for the Belgian Congo and Belle Vue is not safe from the changes. But there are more pressing problems as an unsolved disappearance brings up issues for some of the denizens of the village. Add to that a sudden influx of strangers and a horrible storm that literally divides the village in half, and suddenly danger seems to be everywhere.
The lovely young American missionary Amanda, the police chief Captain Pierre Jardin, and the local witch doctor and his wise-woman wife, Cripple, all become embroiled in the mystery as evil omens and strange happenings at every turn suggest that more lives will be lost before the true killer is unmasked.

The action of the story centers around the lives of the free spirited Madam Cabochon, a native Congolese of Belgian ancestry with flaming red hair; Monsignor Clemente; the lovely American missionary Amanda; Police Captain Pierre Jardin, and a cast of colorful local villagers including the Witch Doctor and his intuitive wife, Cripple.

As the story unfolds we learn that Monsignor Clemente is in possession of a terrible secret.  Then, the one person who knows the full truth of his secret shame is found dead, and all fingers point to Monsignor Clemente. To what lengths will the good Monsignor go to prove he’s innocent of murder?  In THE BOY WHO STOLE THE LEOPARD’S SPOTS Monsignor Clemente finds there is only one, rather unpleasant way, to confront his predicament.

Before all is said and done, the entire cast becomes embroiled in this shrouded mystery.  With evil omens and strange occurrences mounting, will the residents of Belle Vue be able to figure out the mysterious forces that have taken over without risk to their own lives? 

In THE BOY WHO STOLE THE LEOPARD’S SPOTS, TAMAR MYERS tells a mesmerizing and authentic tale of intrigue, murder and strange ritual that engages to the very end. 

About the Author
TAMAR MYERS is the author of 16 “Den of Antiquity” mysteries as well as 17 Pennsylvania-Dutch mysteries for Penguin.  Born and raised in the Belgian Congo, she lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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