Friday, June 22, 2012

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Courtesy of Oceanview Publishing
Michael R. Stevens

 Longing for escape from his mundane existence, Jason Lind signs up to play Fortuna, an online role-playing game set in Renaissance Florence. 

But this game is anything but a great escape, because in the world of Fortuna, it's not how you play the game; 
it's if you survive. 
 "Fortuna will captivate you. An intriguing story of today's cyber world tied into the everyday world. And an intriguing mind wrote this book."

Rabbit in the Moon

in the 
Deborah & Joel Shlian

Rick Bullock takes the road less traveled when he quits his job as an ad exec to become director of a homeless shelter.To honor her mother's dying wish, Dr. Lili Quan travels to China, where she meets her grandfather, Dr. Ni Fu Cheng, a man with a remarkable discovery: the secret to long life. But the fight for control of this earth-shattering find could become a deadly international game.  

"This thriller is at times so fast-paced it leaves you breathless. A thoughtful, educational read."  
Mystery Scene Magazine 

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Spirit Horses
Alan S. Evans
When a mysterious mustang shows up on his Tennessee farm, Shane Carson, a gifted horseman, learns that what we least expect sometimes leads to what we need most. How would one of the Spirit Horses, a rare, wild herd from the Shoshone reservation in Wyoming, find its way to Shane?
"Spirit Horses is a wonderful book that reads like the best of gripping movies. A visually impressive and emotionally stirring work."
Fresh Fiction  
Conspiracy of Silence
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Martha Powers
Imagine learning your entire life is a lie: Clare Prentice has been dealt a devastating series of harsh blows-learning she was adopted, knowing virtually nothing about her adoptive mother, and finding out that her birth mother was murdered. 
For Clare, trying to piece together the truth might be deadly.  
"A remarkable tale filled with unexpected twists that will leave the reader guessing until the end." 
Suspense Magazine   
Egrets to the Flames
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to the 
Barbara Anton
 There is trouble in the fields for the Hamptons, a wealthy family of sugar cane growers. What holds this family together may ultimately tear them apart.

A steamy saga of passion and greed, Egrets to the Flames explores the tug-of-war between when to hold on, and when to let go. 
"Like a Danielle Steele epic...
 steamy, riveting and so beautifully written" 
Front Street Reviews
Fatal February
Barbara Levenson
For Miami criminal defense attorney Mary Magruder Katz, life gets completely complicated when she breaks off her engagement, gets fired from her former fiancé's law firm, starts her own practice, and lands her first client, Lillian Yarmouth, the prime suspect in what's become the Miami society murder of the year.  
"When I read this I thought immediately of Patricia Cornwell, Sandra Brown and Janet Evanovich. Mystery mixed with humor, legalese and drama create the perfect setting for this plot of suspense." 
Readers Favorite Reviews  


Alba said...

I got charged $2.99 each for Rabbit in the Moon and Fortuna after clicking your Free Kindle eBook links. What's the story?

BookBitch said...

Did you wait until Saturday 6/23 to purchase? They were $2.99 Friday night when I posted it but the dates were clearly spelled out. I just checked today 6/24 and Amazon has the price as $0.00. You will always pay the listed price, so if they hadn't changed it when you purchased it that would be why.

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