Sunday, July 06, 2008

Chinese review doesn't translate well

Review of Philippine Fever machine translated from Chinese

Found this at It seems to be a review written in Chinese and machine translated into English. Cook is rendered as Grill, Roast, and boil.

Author: Bruce R. Grill (Bruce R. Cook)
Publisher: Assets Crime Twist (Capital Crime Press)

Bruce R. Roast’s debut fresh, Philippine Fever, is an engrossing with pleasurable prompt see, though occasionally alittle gory. Conundrum novels are usually corpse-driven, and this one and only is no elimination along furthermore its sleuth of suspects.

Pool in Manila in the Philippines, where the writer versed worked furthermore where he searched the material given that the essay, the anecdote centers on an American bask in Texas, Harvey Tucker, who is found out deadened in a dumpster at the back of a gender union. Apparently, he skilled been brutally beaten and taser prongs suffered been smitten to his testicles. Not an enjoyable sight!

Consequently, Sam Haine derive pleasure the Los Angeles portion of Homeland Protection (Agency of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms in addition to Explosives) is ascribed to the case to hit upon why along with who slaughter Tucker. Haine is not over the moon around on the move to Manila, but, given that he states, “it was enhanced to troth demanding in the part, in place of be fixed in the rear of an analyst’s desk.”

Read the rest here.

Thanks to Robert Fate and Jack Quick for finding & sharing this gem of a review!

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