Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Just in time for easy, breezy summer reading this July 4th weekend, here is a feature that aired on today's Huffington Post. It is comprised of interviews with some of the best political thriller writers out there, about their newest novels which are out in bookstores this summer! With Phillip Margolin, Steve Martini, James Rollins, Brad Thor, Dale Brown, and Ralph Reed . . . .political junkies who need a fix now that the primaries are over have a pre-made shopping list just for them.

I especially loved Phillip Margolin's interview, in particular this rather honest yet painful Q&A:

"Q: President Clinton, during his presidency, told the press he was reading Mark Rozell's non-fiction Executive Privilege. Do you think President Bush should read your book Executive Privilege? Why?

A: It would be great if President Bush read any book. Quite frankly, as a citizen, I would prefer that he read books on the Middle East and Global Warming, subjects he appears to know very little about."

Huffington Post

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